Tree Maintenance & Pruning; crown cleaning, crown raising & crown reduction


Pruning to BS3998 2010 standard; from small fruit trees to large veteran trees, pruning can manage a tree or group of trees within their environment.

Crown cleaning incorporates the removal of deadwood and broken or damage branches

Crown raising is the removal or pruning of lower limbs and branches to allow clearance and access over footpaths, greenspace and highways.

Crown reduction is to reduce the entire size of the trees canopy to maintain the trees shape at a more suitable size for the environment.


A contracted engagement with the company starts a standard process which is meticulously followed to ensure consistency of customer care and successful results.

Our process of tree work with a consists of

  1. A site visit and written estimate of work
  2. Checks and management of Tree Preservation Order (TPOs) issues
  3. Risk assessment generation covering
    • Site information
    • Emergency information (such as telephone numbers, access issues, nearest A&E etc)
    • Site hazards
    • Description of operations to be undertaken
    • Machinery to be used
    • Wildlife issues (eg bat nesting and movement)
  4. Carry out the work required, removing waste as discussed and quoted
  5. Ensure environment is returned to as near pre-work condition as possible (tidy-up!)

Case Study Gallery - Crown Reduction 

Crown reduction
Crown reduction with traffic control
Crown reduction
Crown reduction with traffic control
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