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Some Firewood Facts

Hardwood Logs
Our hardwood logs contain seasoned firewood such as Oak, Ash, Beech & Birch.
Hardwoods provide superior heat output, burning longer and slower, making hardwood more cost effective if you burn logs regularly throughout the cold winter months.

Softwood Logs
Softwood logs, typically comprising mixed conifer, are ideal for stoves and wood burners for customers who are looking for an easy fire to light. However, softwood burns much faster than hardwood, so we recommend not using softwood alone, but a combination of hardwood and softwood to maximise your comfort.

Storing Your Wood
It is best to stack your logs outside where the air can move around them, preferably stored off moist ground to avoid moisture absorption. If stored in an open area, cover the top with a waterproof cover to prevent rain seepage into the stack.

If you are storing logs in a garage or shed try to ensure a free flow of air around the logs to maximise the drying.

Keep your logs near to the house to avoid long trips with your log basket.

Rotate your logs - bring logs indoors to gently warm up and evaporate any moisture.
After a few days place the logs in the basket next to the fire
Refill your indoor store.

Follow these simple tips to enjoy an economical and environmentally friendly fuel.

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