Felling, dismantling and removal of dangerous trees and storm damage

Felling involves the complete removal of a tree down to ground level. Depending upon the area in which the work takes place it may involve the careful lowering of branches and timber so as not to cause damage or destruction to surrounding plants and structures.

The stump will be left as close to the ground as possible but will be above soil level. Customers may opt for stump grinding to remove the stump completely.

A contracted engagement with the company starts a standard process which is meticulously followed to ensure consistency of customer care and successful results.

Our process of tree work with a consists of

  1. A site visit and written estimate of work
  2. Checks and management of Tree Preservation Order (TPO) issues
  3. Risk assessment generation covering
    • Site information
    • Emergency information (such as telephone numbers, access issues, nearest A&E etc)
    • Site hazards
    • Description of operations to be undertaken
    • Machinery to be used
    • Wildlife issues (eg bat nesting and movement)
  4. Carry out the work required, removing waste as discussed and quoted
  5. Ensure environment is returned to as near pre-work condition as possible (tidy-up!)

Case Study Gallery - Storm Damage Clean-Up

Clean-up after a large oak tree fell in a garden and through the fence onto the pavement.

Fallen Oak Tree 
Fallen Oak Tree
Fallen Oak Tree
Lots of wood to clear
Fallen Oak Tree
The tree fell through the fence onto the public footpath
Fallen Oak Tree
There was lots of big wood to remove
Fallen Oak Tree
Clean-up complete!

Case Study Gallery - Dismantling

Dismantling involves the removal of a damaged or dangerous tree and may involve lowering of branches to avoid damage to property or other trees and plants in the vicinity.

Sectional dismantling
Lowering branches and limbs
Lowering branches and limbs
Not for the faint-hearted
Lowering branches and limbs
Some work spaces require specialist equipment
Lowering branches and limbs
In confined spaces we will even use mobile cranes


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