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Consultancy services; Surveys, tree hazard reports and management plans and TPO applications


We are qualified to provide a range of consultancy services including site surveys and reports for the management of trees.  We can produce these reports for commercial and private customers alike and have the software to produce detailed analysis for customers with larger sites.

Surveys and tree hazard reports provide a valuable insight into the condition of trees, identifying potential dangers and hazards to property and life from trees and can identify potential issues for home buyers.

The tree survey is the first step in an integrated management plan, which can be used to forecast costs for maintaining trees to increase amenity but provide a safe environment. 


Many trees with significant value are protected by Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) or can be located in conservation areas.   TPO applications must be made before any work can be carried out on a protected tree (some exemptions do apply), and work to be applied for needs careful consideration.  We can discuss client’s requirements and make applications on their behalf to get permission for the required works.


Tree survey examples - click on the pictures for a closer view.


Tree Survey ExampleTree Survey Example


For More information on our consultancy service, please call 07966525856

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